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Jessye Aggleton


As a part-time Research Assistant in the Hammond Lab, I create Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models of zebrafish jaws to analyse how strain patterns vary between mutants and wildtype zebrafish. I am also one half of the Bristol Bone Biologists team who were selected for the European Space Agency Spin Your Thesis! 2018 campaign in which we ran an experiment to test how different gravity levels affected the development and behaviour of zebrafish. 

I am also a PhD student in Anthropology & Archaeology. My research explores the biomechanics of human and Neanderthal hands in respect to manipulative tool activities. I use images from microCT and MRI to analyse bone structure and create FEA models to test how they respond to force.

In my spare time I enjoy creating art and short films, cooking and baking (with varying success), chilling in the pub, and taking my longboard out for a spin (when it's actually sunny!).

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