Head of the Hammond Lab

Research fellow at the University of Bristol


Dr Erika Kague
Senior Research Associate
(Dog whisperer)
Dr Dylan Bergen
Postdoctoral Fellow
(General maestro and comedian)
Lizzie Lawrence
Wellcome Trust Dynamic Cell PhD
(Organisation extraordinaire)
Lucy McGowan
Wellcome Trust Dynamic Cell PhD
(Patron of pints and science)
Joanna Moss
Wellcome Trust PhD (co- supervised by Jon Lane)
(Autophagy expert)
Jessye Aggleton
Part-time research assistant and PhD
(Art enthusiast)
Abdelwahab Kawafi
PhD student
(Space a-fish-ionado)
Elis Newham
Research Assistant
(microCT magician)
Yushi Yang
PhD in Complex Nanomaterials
(Coding wizard)
Armin and Axwell
Cuddly mascots
Georgina McDonald
Wellcome Trust Dynamic Molecular Cell PhD (plant mum)
Mengdi Wang
China Scholarship Council (CSC) PhD
Kellie Pettinger
Master student
Qiao Tong
PhD student (Lifter)
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Elena Rossini
Italian Eramus+ intern and histology pro
Florian Mesnil
Engineering intern from Lyon
Roddy Skinner
Dr Lucy Brunt
Karen Roddy
Alistair Vorster
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